Barbara Burzillo (Placitas)

Barbara left her native New York in 1995 for the Southwest, with which she had fallen in love. “Armed with a list of used-to’s and want-to’s,” she says, “I began to explore my many interests. In the process I rediscovered my artistic abilities.”

Now residing in Placitas, she is a self-taught artist working in bronze, alcohol ink, clay, oils and digital photography. She explains, “my subjects are varied; however, my passion is the human form. I revel in dramatic gestures and bright pallettes.” She adds that whimsy and spiritual symbolism usually are present. “My inspiration comes from my spirituality.

"I am extremely thankful for the ability to create and share my art,” she continues. "I consider myself extremely fortunate. I re-discovered a self I had long since forgotten. My life has come full circle. I remember who I am and why I am here. Through this journey of self-rediscovery I have found peace, balance and, most importantly, me.”

She relies on the medium to be an active participant in determining the subject of her art. “While I sometimes plan,” she continues, “my most successful sculptures and paintings are of organic origins.

I create art because it is a wonderful way to communicate at the deepest level with those around me."

bb orange blast

Orange Blast (alcohol ink tile)

bb 5 ai boxes

Alcohol Ink boxes

bb bronze birds

Bronze Birds

bb triptych ai tiles

Alcohol Ink tiles

bb triptygh with grandpa ai tiles

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