Barone Art — Deborah Barone (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Deborah's sculptures are created out of copper tubes and a variety of smaller-gauge copper wires. Stained glass, crystals, stones, coins and found objects are soldered together with the copper to create a complete composition.

She loves working with copper. "Copper is warm and rustic,” Deborah says. "You will see floral patterns, vines and liquid movement in each design. The different gauges of wire blend and flow together with the ease of oil paints. In fact, I privately refer to them as little paintings."

She explains that there is an emotional value to the colors used in each of her pieces. Colors evoke sentiment. Metals are used for abundance and wealth. Stones are used for grounding. Crystals encourage the flow of Chi, and coins join the composition for prosperity.

"By incorporating organic materials,” Deborah says, “my pieces inspire balance, creativity and harmony in the home or workplace.” 

barone calendar frames

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