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1CaT (1 Cat at a Time)

1CaT (1 Cat at a Time) is our nonprofit (501c3) trap/neuter/release (TNR) program. 1CaT helps keep the feral cat population on our mountaintop under control. 

Donna used to trap area cats but physically is unable to do so now, so when we have an opportunity, or when we get a call about the growing homeless cat population here, we  loan (humane) traps to good people. After a quick instructional session, these folks do the trapping themselves.

The trapper(s) delivers a trapped cat to our wonderful Cloudcroft veterinarian, Dr. Jennifer Green, who spays or neuters the cat.

Those ferals are returned to the area in which they were trapped, and the person(s) feeding before the trapping continues to feed them.

We, Berle & Donna, now run a sanctuary out of a more than 100-year-old home. The Cat House presently houses 16 cats. We, and volunteers, spend time with the felines in this cattery to get them more comfortable around people.

Our efforts began in November 2010 when we spotted a 3-1/2-month-old kitten wasting away before our eyes. He was fur-covered bones walking around digging up grubs when we finally coaxed him into a carrier. We discovered he had an abdominal wound and probably would have died within days if we’d not grabbed him. We called him Einstein because he was smart enough to let us trap him. Now he’s a big, strong boy who acts as an uncle to the five former ferals living with us.

We keep a donation can on our checkout counter for spare change and other donations to 1CaT. People have been very kind and generous in our cat population-control efforts. And we thank them.

Donations from kind friends and customers, along with sales of donated merchandise, keep our efforts going.


Feral Rescues

These two boys, Jet and Dash, are the remaining members of a 12- to 16-cat colony who eat/ate at our feeding station in our cat house yard. The number is fewer today thanks primarily to spaying and neutering. COMING SOON: more photos and stories of our feral rescues.

better cat house.heic

The Cat House

Our sanctuary has become home to 16 ferals/strays. COMING SOON: more photos and information about the Cat House cats.

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