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Jendala   Jennifer Utsch     Healdsburg, CA

Each art piece from Jendala is handcrafted in Northern California from salvaged and reclaimed materials. Designed with a torch (the love of Jendala) and cut with a water-jet for sustainability, each piece carries a bell to sound the creation out into the world.

Though her previous work in other varied fields was exciting and rewarding, Jenn still felt unsatisfied and restless. In a nutshell, she says, "these experiences looped me back to my youthful connection with art and people. All of my ‘mistakes' create my product line."

All metal is reclaimed (sourced mostly from sheet metal and steel cans). She designs each piece using a hand torch. She then paints and assembles each piece with beads and bells selected from Sustainable Cooperatives in India and Indonesia.

Jendala's mission, she says, is to encourage a sustainable way of living for ourselves and our environment from what we already have — what we believe is a healthier way of being. 

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