Off the Beaten Path

eclectic gifts & original artwork

Founded in 1996, Off the Beaten Path is a quaint and well known art gallery and gift shop in Cloudcroft, New Mexico. Home to a wide range of artists and artistic styles from across the country, Off the Beaten Path has become one of the most talked about galleries/gift shops in the area.


from near and far & coast to coast

NOTE: Presently not all of our artists are included here as our new site still is under construction.

We hope and plan to feature all of our artists soon. Thanks for your patience.

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fused glass dishes & ornaments

Lisa creates kiln-formed glasswork using powdered and crushed glass to feature chemical reactions, crackling techniques and stenciling. She uses fusible raw sheet glass, powdered glass and frit.

She has been working with glass since 1999, and finds it to be a challenging and rewarding medium. Lisa constantly is learning the unique properties and abilities of the medium.

Her designs are inspired by the shapes and textures of nature, the lines of architecture and the depth of the human form. "Working layer by layer, I feel these forms connect flawlessly with glass,” Lisa says. 

"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art"

Ralph Waldo Emerson